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1st EDITION OF THE VARADERO INTERNATIONAL HALF MARATHON #HVCuba #moyscbah #MSYAGovTT #moysc2017 #pressofficetcig Date: April 15th , 2018. Venue: Varadero, Cuba The most pleasant race of the Caribbean” will have a flat and fast route along the coast, where amateurs and professional runners from all around the world will have the opportunity to achieve their personal best time. A 10k (6.2mi) race would be held simultaneously to the Half Marathon, and, after, a 3k (1.86mi) Fun Run will be held for runners over 10 years old, with no age limit. With an average temperature of 22° (71°F), both the runners and their families will get a unique running and holiday experience, at one of the “Caribbean spas”, and will enjoy its turquoise waters and more than 20k (12.5mi) of white sand beaches. Be the first to experience this special event. Sport, beach and culture mixed with the rhythm of Cuban music. What more can you ask for? We are waiting for you!

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